A B2B app that serves as a pocket sales tool for SIM Card distributors throughout Nigeria. Through this app, a SIM Card seller can learn about new talk-time and data plans, register new customers, top up talk-time for their customers and earn points to be exchanged for airtime for sales they do.

Market Problem

Sales distributors of SIM Cards are largely a disorganized segment and it was time-consuming to motivate or support them to increase sales of SIM Cards. Further, standardization of sales services, regularly updating retailers of latest plans/offers and collecting feedback from customers was also hard for the telecom operator.


We developed a mobile app that would include different modules to address the different problems raised above. The main categories of the app were-

First version Mock-Up of the app

1.) Products & Services – this would allow retailers to navigate through all the telecom operator’s plans and services as of current date so that sales people could accordingly sell those plans to mobile users.


2.) Latest Offers – this allowed Sales people to be updated with any ad-hoc latest offers that the telecom operator would occasionally activate. Discounts, free talk time etc could be promoted because this screen would makes these distributors aware of it in real time.

3.) Feedback Reports – this allowed the sales people to collect feedback directly from SIM Card users about telecom network quality and their  satisfaction with the services to help the telecom operator better understand their customers.

4.) Rewards – A way to motivate sales people to go above and beyond to sell more talk time or SIM cards was to reward them for every sale they made. This was done through a points system in which collected points could be exchanged for free airtime for the sales person on his cell phone (with the telecom operator).