An e-commerce website that sells Indian ethnic wear in the US with target demographic between ages 25-65 years, both male and female.

Market Problem

The client’s existing website didn’t reflect the growing product collection and services that they wanted to offer their consumers. They often would get complaints about the usability of their website and also the website didn’t do justice to their brand. The website needed a facelift so that it could both attract and retain new customers.


I led the redesign and launch of a modernized, dynamic e-commerce website that not only looked attractive on the front end for the end user, but also completely revamped the back-end so that the owners had an easier time operating and managing the web store. By adding new features such as Book an Appointment, Complete the Look, Recommended Products, Front-Back double photos on hover, and other relevant content to the front-end, Saridhoti was able to attract younger customers who were inspired by the brand. The backend modifications that could help them duplicate product entries, add discount codes, upload photos at one go, size selection entry, etc. helped cut Saridhoti’s operations time by more than a quarter.