Algattas Platform


An enterprise B2B multi-user content management system for digital signage: from way-finders at metro stations to POS systems at restaurants.

Market Problem

In response to the wave of digital transformation taking place in Singapore, our client wanted a singular tool that could be used by public sector businesses to create/upload, edit, manage and publish content onto digital signages at public places without any complexity for the platform user.


I led the development of the requested PaaS solution on the web that would allow multiple users to create dynamic forms or content structures that could be further filled out by other departments of their company. Finally, authorized users would publish the content onto an end-point which could be a kiosk, POS, digital screens etc. We built it on ReactJS with Postgres as the back-end database. Much of the final functionality was achieved through custom APIs. This platform is now being used by SMRT, Singapore DBS Food Village and many other businesses are in the pipeline to sign on to the platform.