About Me


My name is Sindhu Keshavamurthy and I’m originally from Bangalore, India.

My quest to solve everyday problems with technology saw me become an engineer at the start of my career where I began to learn about data management systems. Later on, I had the opportunity to join the family textile business and it opened my world to the grass-roots workings of business and the people involved in it. Shortly after, I went on to blend two of my backgrounds – technology and fashion – to start a digital consulting company focused on the fashion sector. The plethora of digital tools I was exposed to as a result, saw me pursue product development opportunities and I have since then successfully ideated and launched digital products that serve businesses in unique ways.
Today, I continue to learn more about business, strategy and digital innovation in an effort to build products and services that not only excite the customer but is also sustainable.

I’m also a Fashion Designer, Photographer, and global culture enthusiast (another way of saying I love travelling and learning new languages, haha!). I also relish writing fiction and poetry – learn about my first book here and follow this blog to get updates on my upcoming release.

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