About Me

sindhuMy name is Sindhu Keshavamurthy and I’m a product management professional from Bangalore, India.

My quest to solve everyday problems with technology saw me become an engineer at the start of my career where I managed data and databases in the financial services industry. Shortly after, I had an enticing opportunity to join the family textile business that opened up my world to the grass-roots workings of business and the people involved in it. Consequently, I went on to blend two of my backgrounds – technology and fashion – to start a digital consulting company that worked with offline retail businesses to get them online. The plethora of digital tools I was exposed to as a result, saw me pursue product development opportunities and I have since then successfully ideated and launched several digital products using emerging technologies such as big data, machine learning and AI that serve businesses in unique ways.

Today, I continue to learn more about business, strategy and digital innovation and seek ways to build products and services that not only excite the customer but are also sustainable.

I’m also a writer, fashion designer, photographer, and global culture enthusiast. I hold a Bachelors of Engineering in Electrical from Manipal Institute of Technology, India and a Masters of Business Administration in Strategy from University of Rochester, New York.

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