How YouTube Can Drive Strategy for Your Next Product

I came across an interesting ad from Quaker Oats  (see image below)

A breakfast sized bowl of oats that’s ready by just adding milk and letting it sit overnight. I should tell you, this has been my breakfast routine long before Quaker introduced them in nicely packaged bowls. And though I love eating and cooking, no, I didn’t invent the overnight oats recipe.

Well, I’m not entirely sure of the original inventor, but 2 years ago there was a huge trend on all YouTube Food channels – overnight oats. Every food blogger came up with his or her recipe and flavor to make the humble oats breakfast a tastier meal and how to make it overnight. It would sit there all night and one could just grab it and dash out the door in the morning. It was the new coffee because it was so simple to put together. Naturally, as people started learning about this new wonder recipe, they jumped on the overnight oatmeal bandwagon. As did I.

You might also know that smoothie bowls were a big hit on Instagram more recently. They’re colorful and seem filling and you can eat your smoothie for a change. I’m guessing this just picked up from the smoothie trend back in the day, and once people realized drinking smoothies are not all that filling, they added oats or walnuts and pecans on top of their smoothies to make a more fulfilling breakfast. The smoothie bowl was then born and as you know, one picture is all it takes on Instagram, and you have everyone cooking it and posting it to their feeds and living on that diet for a few months (or years in my case!)

The point is, once a trend starts on one of these social media channels, you have a huge population trying it or making it a habit. So social media listening if done actively can really inform your next product move because there’s a whole market out there who might find it convenient to buy what they’re already consuming. Of course, that’s only if they find it less expensive to do so (time or money). There are currently 1.7M posts with the hashtag #smoothiebowl and just image if this was the size of your market when you started selling ready-to-make smoothie bowls. Good moolah, I would say. Rather than just pushing a new product crafted from sales data (old product, new packaging), responding to consumer zeitgeist is bound to be more successful. Or well, only the success of Quaker’s new product will tell.

Till then, feel free to enjoy the oatmeal recipes I found myself some years ago – find them here and here. (And this is by no means an affiliate link). It’s from the Domestic Geek’s channel on YouTube. In fact, Overnight Oatmeal are some of her most watched videos of all time. She had 10 different flavors to choose from – beat that! is a blog where I share thought-provoking 1 minute business bytes. Follow the discussion!

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